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ISL Client Download blocks

You may find when downloading the ISL client that your browser or antivirus may try to block the ISL client.

This is to be expected due to the nature of the ISL program – a remote viewing/control software, which these programs do not know it legitimate. Whilst annoying, it demonstrates that your browser/AV is doing its job and warning you about potential threats.

Internet Explorer

The following page will load on your browser. Select More information

From the dropdown, select Go on to the webpage (not recommended)

This will cause the following to pop up at the bottom of the page. Please click Run

This will change to the next popup, Click Actions (you can also click View downloads which will present you with Delete and Actions options in a separate window)

The following pop-up will appear in the centre of the screen, click on the More Options dropdown

Click the Run anyway option and the ISL client will run after a few seconds depending on the speed of your machine and connectivity.

Google Chrome

The following page will load on your browser;

From the dropdown, select the Continue to hyperlink


Mouse of the following area to bring up contextual options, and click on the three dots that appear (more actions). From the following menu, select Keep

From the following menu, select Keep

Windows Defender

To continue, click the More Info Link

This will take you to the next screen, click [Run Anyway]

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