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Cloud Backup and Security

If you are considering Cloud BackUp Services, the following advice and information may help you. Working through these steps will help you to identify cloud services which are suitably secure for your intended use.

Know your business requirements

Understand your intended use of the cloud service. Consider issues such as availability and connectivity. Identify those risks which would be unacceptable to your organisation should they be realised, and those that would not.

Understand your information

Identify the information that will be processed, stored or transported by the cloud service. Understand the legal and regulatory implications. For example, if personal data is to be stored or processed, then the Data Protection Act should be considered.

Determine relevant security principles

You now know your business requirements, you’ve identified the risks you are/aren’t willing to take. And you have a clear picture of the information which will be exposed to the service. With this information you should be able to determine which of the Cloud Security Principles (see below) are most relevant to your planned use of the service.

Understand how the principles are implemented

Find out how the cloud service claims to implement the security principles you’ve identified as relevant. Different approaches will result in different risks for you to consider.

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